Thursday, January 18, 2007

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Anonymous said...

Please let me know how to join sister of savings. I have tried finding information but I don't see anything about joining, where the meetings are, and how to be involved. thanks, teneka harris email at

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know to keep up the wonderful work that you are doing. I was so encourage today after hearing you all on the Tom Joyner morning show here in Baton Rouge ( Q106.5). Encouraged and tickled pink at the same time, because I am critcize often for my cheapness all because I use coupons to save. Of course I will be telling those unbelievers to visit Sister of Savings web site, to let them know I am not alone and this really do work when it comes time to make decisions between food and paying the entergy bill and both are a necessity. Just yesterday I visited the grocery store I normally spends $50 to 60$ dollars I had coupons for free 4 roll toilet paper, loaf of bread, and pan sausage all I had to do was spend $25. I raided my moms mailbox for additional coupons. I spent the normal $60 from my grocery list I was not hungry for food just hungry for savings. I had the two set of coupons so I split my groceries in half and made two seperate orders because you can only use one set per order. Not to mention most of what I had was on sale buy one get one free with your reward card and I had about 4 manufacture coupons totaling about $3.75 bottom line was I had approx. $140.00 in groceries and spent $55.00 that is a deal worth bragging on to me. Now I am interesting in learning how to save more so I will be coming back to your site soon for more tips.
Thanks God for your kind heart.
Baton Rouge, LA.